What would you do if you got rid of 150 emails a week?

Optimize processes, restructure operations. With Easy Checklist, data generates insights and productivity becomes routine.

How our solution helps your company to become more efficient:

 Eliminate 150 emails per week and earn more hours of work per day;

 Reduce the time for audits from one week to 2 hours, like some customers of Easy Checklist;

 Increase the quality control of services provided by your suppliers;

 Reduce the need for maintenance with the regular use of checklists, anticipating possible problems before they become more serious and expensive.

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Drop the clipboards:

save and optimize your team's time

Elimine papel

Eliminate the use of paper

We generate savings of almost 10 tons of paper

crie checklists poderosos

Create powerful checklists

More than 100 features available

utilize em tablets e smartphone

Use on tablets and smartphones

Apply offline checklists

crie planos de ação

Create action plans

Solve each no compliance found

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Go digital and take your checklists to the next level

See how we can make your company's processes more efficient

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More than 500 companies are actively using

Easy Checklist Fácil in their operations

clientes da Checklist Fácil

Ideal solution for small, medium and large companies, adaptable to any type of business.

With Easy Checklist you have more control over your business operations

Examples of checklists:

☑ Loss prevention;

☑ Process audit;

☑ Quality certificates;

☑ Inventory control;

☑ Prevention of accidents at work;

☑ Process automation;

+ 200 application possibilities.

Easy Checklist is the leader in Latin America in digital checklist.

Helping companies from all segments to achieve standardization in their operations through non-compliance management.

Easy Checklist is one of 100 Startups to Watch. The ranking is the result of a partnership between Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios magazines, Época Negócios, and consultants Corp.vc and EloGroup.


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